Geometry, colour and small (essential) moments. A mutual passion for graphic design and art compiled into one.


Japan (inspiration)

An isolated island, slowly opening up to the outside world. A culture so inherently different, yet at times strangely familiar to social nuances I experience on a day-to-day basis, living in Denmark. Yet in spite of the perfectly pruned gardens and well established serenity, there was a notion of an upcoming conflict in the air. With a population at risk of reducing itself by a third in the next 20 years, it was quite evident that the Japanese sense of being, was slightly shifting to better embrace globalisation. Moreover, the staggering contrasts visible on every corner are inevitably what makes it so memorable. Picture perfect strangers elaborates on collected memories and reflections from my time visiting the eccentric country over sakura.

For what it is worth I seldom stopped to really look at
nature in my life. During my time in Japan, I tried to
turn that habit around. With nature being continuously
threatened I realized that if not now, then when will be
the right time to take pause to care for even the
smallest of leaves. I dove into the beauty of
landscapes, objects, moments even, that left
memorable impressions on me, as I slowly shift in
style and agenda in depicting the beauty of the world
around us.


Early work

2016 was all about characters and architecture. Defining a visual style was a pivotal moment which allowed for an artistic leap from realism to minimalism.