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is a collaborative movement between close people with contrasting skills. We compliment each other’s strengths, and focus on design and artwork from both a user and personal standpoint. Hence our competencies are varied, however they mainly lay within the realms of visual design and brand collaborations.


A creative originally from the U.K, I was raised in Warsaw and now am based in Copenhagen - where I work and live. I have a background in drawing since I was a child, training in fine arts in my teenage years and turning over to graphic design after having moved to Denmark. I work with both art & design and this website is meant not only a portfolio but also a digital gallery for you to enjoy.

Have been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, Bitchslap Magazine, on Blacklisted, at Urban Outfitters and Affenfaust Galerie. Collaborated with Adidas, Bang & Olufsen, Studio four23. 



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